Balancing Work and Family

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As much as I'd like to be a full time stay at home mom, I can't afford to be.  My mom was one and I loved having her home and there for me and my brother whenever we needed her.  In these trying and uncertain economic times, families everywhere are doing all that they can to stretch their pennies as far as possible to feed their families, pay their bills and support all their needs.  Sadly many families all around the world and even in America, are falling short.

I sit here typing this on a break from my paperwork that I brought home with me while my son is showering and getting everything ready to go to bed.  He's almost 10 and every single day of life with him is a blessing and a new experience in learning how to balance work and motherhood.  How do some people do it?

There are times where I feel so overwhelmed with work that I wonder if I can go on but then I pick myself up and "keep on truckin'".  What baffles me is that I only have 1 child and he's almost 10 and it's still difficult to find that balance.  He is the absolute light of my world, the love of my life and I'd do anything for him.  On my worst day, seeing him (even if I'm irritated or angry at him) gives me comfort and I feel an overwhelming amount of love for him that I never experienced before becoming a mother.

I was watching Dr. Oz this afternoon and the topic of the episode was starving middle class families.  It broke my heart to see so many struggling.  I wish I could do more than I do.  I donate to several charities and give food to food drives but I wish I could personally feed and support all those in need.

That brings me to my second these insanely rich people can look at themselves in the mirror every day and know that they could save so many families and so many lives and yet fail to do so.  I mean sure you got your Angelina Jolies who seem to really care, really devote a large amount of time and money to helping the needy.  Then you have some who claim to donate to charity and if they do, good for them.  I watch tv and see people spending INSANE amounts of money on weddings and cars and houses.  Some make millions and millions off of wedding photos and baby photos.

I'm not saying celebrities and uber rich don't deserve to make a good living and enjoy life.  I'm sure many of them donate a large amount of money to needy people.  It's when you see people whining about how hard they have it because they chose to have cameras follow them everywhere (ahem Kim Kardashian) when there are people with REAL problems every single day suffering to scrape by.

Sorry for going off on a tangent.  Watching quasi celebs whine and complain about how hard being rich and beautiful just disgusts me.  Not hating but not appreciating their circumstance either.  Seriously, if you don't have to worry about paying your bills and feeding your kids, you're lucky.

I'm thankful for all that I do have, the job that pays the bills, my family's health and the roof over our heads.  We are truly blessed.  I pray for all those who are in need that someone gives them help and warm food to eat and a warm place to stay.

How are you doing? Are you going through the same thing as me?  Are you a working parent? How do you find balance?  If you're at stay at home mom, how do you and your family make extra money or pay the bills?

I wish you all a happy and blessed holiday season!  If you have any ideas for budgeting, any good coupon sites, any good suggestions or ideas to share with me and anyone else who reads this blog, please feel free to comment below!!

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