About Me

It is said that "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression" so I guess I better make a good one.  My name is Jean... There are lots of things I do: single mom, photographer, and blogger and none of those are my "day job". Though the "day job" pays the bills, it's my faith in God and love for my son that motivates me to keep persevering every day.  I put my full trust in Jesus first and everything else just falls into place.  || What I Believe ||

Why do I blog? I get asked that quite frequently.  There's no simple answer, really.  I used to run a beauty blog before and though I loved it, I felt limited by the theme of the blog so I decided to shut it down and start about where I had the freedom to share all the things I like, love and am otherwise indifferent about.  Ergo, What Jean Likes... a place where I share a little bit about me and those I love and a lot about all the things I like.  I love the sense of community that we've all created here by interacting and sharing with each other.  I blog simply because I love to share bits of my life and I love reading about yours even more.

When I'm not being a mom, doing my "day job" or blogging, I'm a photographer who focuses in  fine arts landscape photography but I thoroughly enjoy taking portrait photos of weddings, families and children.  There's nothing quite as sweet as capturing a moment in time that will last forever.

I'm an eclectic person with lots of interests and passions and I hope that through What Jean Likes, you get to know me and we can build a friendship in this bloggy world.  I love to give my readers a sense of aloha, of love and welcoming and spreading that throughout this blogosphere.  The world is full of enough anger and hate, why not spend our time here enriching each other's lives and growing together.

get to know me in a flash...

//i'm a mom to the best son in the world
//love Jesus with all my heart
//mixed plate of ethnicites
//loyal to a fault
//Hawai'i born and raised
//early morning riser
//always up late working on the computer
//lover of coffee
//makeup enthusiast
//style seeker
//rose is my favorite scent
//technology geek

want to know more? 
just wait and see!!

Aloha Friday Blog Hop FAQ

For any questions or to join the Aloha Friday Blog Hop, email me jean@whatjeanlikes.com

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