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So, you’re interested advertising, or having me host a review and/or giveaway, on What Jean Likes?  Great! I am always on the lookout for new and exciting products to share with both my family and my readers.  If you want to host a sponsored review or giveaway, please refer to this post: Sponsored Reviews & Giveaways

My Stats:
What Jean Likes is growing every single day!  (As of 12/1/13)
  • 3,100+ Facebook Followers
  • 4,395+ Twitter Followers
  • 2,230+ Followers via GFC (Google Friend Connect) 
  • 3,194 Followers via Instagram
  • 1,986+ Subscribers via Feedburner
  • 1,039+ Pinterest Followers
  • 529 Google + Followers (still learning how to properly use this service)
  • 2,618 Followers on Bloglovin' (just started using this site)
 What Jean Likes gets on average between 30,000 - 55,000 page views per month.  We're growing every single day!

I’d love to have you advertise, on What Jean Likes. There are several options, available:

No button or ad? No problem!! I can create the button, for you, for a one-time fee of $25.  Simple, sweet and easy.  Just email me at to set it up. The transaction for creating the button will be handled via Paypal. 

Guidelines for Advertising on What Jean Likes

  • Your graphics must be family friendly.
  • Your graphics must not contain or link to any plagiarized content, images, music, or file downloads.
  • There is no guarantee as to the traffic your ad may or may not generate for your business, website or blog.
  • There is no promise of positive feedback, discussion, or promotions concerning your advertisement besides the general promotion of this blog. There, in fact, may be negative feedback concerning your advertisement, and you understand and agree that Jean Gomez and this blog, What Jean Likes, will not in any way be held responsible or liable for such feedback, discussion, or commentary.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any ad that I don’t think works for my website and readership.
  • What Jean Likes is a for-profit blog that uses portions of the sponsorship you pay for to purchase ads elsewhere that will benefit the traffic for both of us.  In using Passionfruit Ads the opportunity to approve or deny ads is convenient in that I can easily accept those that will be a great fit for this blog, whom I can truly promote and who will be able to provide great content to my readers.  If you purchase an ad and it is denied please know it is because I felt that I couldn't provide you with the best support you need in getting 100% out of your ad and nothing else.
  • Payments for ad space shall be made via Passionfruit who uses PayPal.  
  • Payments for the creation of ad buttons shall be made via PayPal upon request to the email  

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