A flu by any other name...

9:27 AM

Would still suck!!!  I have been as sick as I've been in years the last few days. At one point I had a fever of 104.8 but since I'm normally about 1 degree less than 98.6 on a normal day, it was more like 103.8 which still sucks. Chills, shakes, sick stomach, headache, exhaustion, dizzyness...not so fun.

And where did I get this wonderful cold? From my lovely niece and goddaughter whom I love so much words alone cannot express it. Poor Alohilani had this cold last week and my son Alaka'i and I got it. I'm so thankful it's over though and now I can get back to life as usual and play catch up with the things I missed while sleeping with a fever.

At least today had some beautiful clouds as the sun was rising. Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay healthy!! 

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