Photo Inspiration: Clark Little Photography

10:01 AM

As a photographer, I feel like I'm constantly trying to learn new things, be more creative and improve the quality of my images. Nothing drives me more than looking at amazing captures taken by other photographers. One of my favorite photographers is Clark Little. He's most famous for his wave and shore break shots which should all be captioned with "Taken right before the wave pounded me into the shore". 

Here's a little bio on Clark Little:
Award-winning photographer Clark Little was born in Napa, California in 1968. Two years later, a move to the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii) dramatically changed his future. In the 80’s and 90’s he made his name as a pioneer of surfing at the Waimea Bay shorebreak. Clark had a unique talent for taking off on hopeless closeout shorebreak waves and surviving in one piece.
In 2007, Clark discovered his ability and passion to capture the extraordinary beauty of the shorebreak when his wife asked him for a picture of the ocean to decorate a bedroom wall. With the confidence of an experienced surfer, Clark went out and bought a waterproof camera setup, jumped in the ocean, and started snapping away, recording the beauty and power of Hawaiian waves. "Clark’s view" is a unique and often dangerous perspective of waves from the inside out, captured in photos for all to enjoy from the safety of dry land.

"The shorebreak is my comfort zone. I absolutely love it. It's always different. The light, the colors, the water, the sand and what happens to it. And to be there to capture it and share it with the world... what a dream."
- Clark Little
They say that to be truly successful at something, you gotta do what you love. I'd say Clark has not only earned his success, but he's done so doing something he loves. His sharp, colorful and vibrant photos are the reason why he is one of my favorite photographers. Here are some samples of his shots courtesy of his Facebook page.

If you are interested in seeing more of Clark Little's work or viewing his gallery, you can visit his website and Facebook page which I will link below.
I actually love his work so much that I bought a few of his prints to hang on my walls. The beauty and power of the ocean is unparalleled.  I think that a lot of people admire the beauty of these photos without realizing how much work it takes to get a sharp and beautifully framed photo like these especially considering the strong currents, waves and sea creatures Clark encounters "at work".  His photos will continue to stun and inspire me. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

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