A Engagement Short Story...

11:08 AM

Andrew got me, he really got me good this time...  He totally caught me off guard and surprised me before Relevant.  I went to his place to help him tidy up because friends of ours were coming over to eat dinner after our small group was done meeting and that's when I was totally taken by surprise. 

I started helping him tidy up and he asked me to sit down... When I did, he started playing me a song that I had never heard before.  It's funny because I didn't think it was that big of a deal because Andrew is always writing music.... always.  I was sitting there playing on my phone and he asked me with this oh-so-serious look on his face to please, please pay attention.  And that's when it happened.  That's when my best friend who was now my boyfriend started playing me this new song nervously with a big smile on his face.  At first I was just enjoying the song without realizing that it was for me.  I had no idea that it was how he'd propose to me.  When I heard the lyrics "Marry me" repeatedly come out of his mouth, I was so shocked and surprised that tears started to well up in my eyes.  

When he finished the song, he got on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to be his wife.  At that point I was totally crying and he had a huge smile on his face when I said yes (which was a no-brainer).  It was, by far, the best surprise I had ever been given in my entire life.  I was totally not expecting it and I was so elated by it that I was literally skipping as I walked down the stairs and across the street to our church for Relevant.  As happy as I was, to be honest, I was in shock that entire night.  October 11, 2013.... Best night of my life so far.  

I'm going to be running a blog with him for our families and friends and of course, all of you if you want to read. Right now it's in the very beginning design process so there's only one post but if you're interested in my life with Andrew (specifically), you can visit our blog here: http://www.andrewandjean.com/.  I will update this blog as well ;)

I thank Jesus for Andrew every single day... and I thank Him for each and every one of you!!  '

Happy Aloha Friday!

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