A Sad End and a New Beginning....

6:20 PM

So you guys know or if you don't, now you do... that I have been on somewhat of a hiatus as of late.  I just couldn't find the time to blog with my increased job responsibilities, homeschooling my 11 year old and getting involved in my church.  I was running ragged there for awhile but things are starting to regulate for me more so I am starting to slowly dip my feet back into the blogging world.  I went to check my email and saw that about a month ago, Sarah and the other lovely ladies who were running the Aloha Friday Blog Hop for me while I was away had pulled back and stopped the hop. It made me sad but at the same time, I completely understand why they did it... because man, running the hop is HARD work!!  Anyway, for now the hop has been put on hold for all of us.  Thank you to all of you who participated in the hop and linked up.  I may revive it after I get married in January but no promises.

And oh yeah... the new beginning I mentioned in the title?  I'm getting married on January 4, 2014!!! Yeah... remember when I blogged about how it would never happen for me?  Yeah...this girl was way wrong.  So excited and so blessed by Jesus!! My fiancé Andrew is amazing and wonderful and I love him so much, it's kind of ridiculous.  Anyway, I will be blogging more on that later. I just wanted to say "hi" and give a quick update on the blog.

I hope and pray that you all are doing well and are extremely blessed.   Side note: other than wedding and being engaged stuff, what topics do you want to see on this blog? Anything in particular?  Feedback and such is greatly appreciated!!


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