Late Lunch Decadence

7:14 PM

I was spending the day with my mom after a long, hard week back at work. She treated me and Alaka'i to a late lunch at Neiman Marcus Mariposa restaurant. Thanks mom!
I ordered the Laksa Seafood Curry which was delicious and tasty. The dish was full of salmon, clams, shrimp, onions, bell peppers, eggplant and a few more treats and had a light curry flavored sauce. It was not as thick of a curry, actually more of a soupy consistency which I liked because it was light and delicious without being heavy like curry sometimes is. It came with a plate of about a scoop and a half or white rice. Everything was delicious and cooked to perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After this delicious meal I had an illy cappuccino with just the right amount of foam and my mom and I shared a rich and decadent four layer chocolate cake with ice cream and cherry syrup on the side. I only had a few bites because it was so rich yet utterly delicious.

Alaka'i had spaghetti and an ice cream sundae which I didn't have the chance to snap a shot of with my iPhone because he ate it up before I could take a picture.  When my boy's hungry, there's no stopping him to take a snap shot.  He wants to eat!! 

It was a nice break from the hectic work week I've had.  I know Alaka'i enjoyed his lunch and treat after having a long few days back at school.  (Yay for winter break being over!!)  

I don't really shop at Neiman Marcus except for  makeup and perfume but it's such a pretty store.   I have always loved the long strings of gilded butterflies (fake ones of course), strung from the 3rd floor ceiling and dangling down to the 1st floor.  Very pretty and delicate.  I like how they seem to sparkle and catch the light.  I think they're actually made up of feathers pinned together and spray painted gold.  Gorgeous nonetheless.  

When Alaka'i was really small we'd come in here once in awhile and he liked to blow the butterflies as we went up the escalator in the store.  When they moved, he used to think they were flying. So cute.  Even today, I caught a glimpse of him blowing them with that same wonder in his eye.  He's so precious to me.  

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

All pictures taken with iPhone 4S and Camera+ app.

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