1:20 PM

I love this photo, it's not my own but I'm not sure exactly who took it other than it's called "Tree of Life".  Just wanted to share something lovely with all of you on this cloudy Thursday.

What Jean Likes is undergoing some website changes.  None of them drastic, but all of them necessary.  Please excuse the mess my page may appear to be from time to time in the next few days as we undergo these changes and transition.  I've simplified my page a lot to allow it to load more quickly.  Certain things like my header and sidebar are still undergoing changes.  It takes time as it's just lil' ol' me running this website on my own. :)

Are you guys looking forward to this weekend as much as I am?  I can't wait to be officially off the clock even though I unofficially have a TON of paperwork to get caught up on.  Oh the joys of being a single mother.

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