Stepping Back...

10:57 PM

I haven't really posted in a couple weeks. I'm so very sorry for neglecting this blog.  I've had so much going on in my day job and in my day to day life that it left little time for writing.  Truth be told, I'm a stressed out person, super stressed out and I needed time off.  For those of you who aren't all that familiar with my blog, I'm a Christian. I don't shove my beliefs down anyone's throats but I like to share my love and devotion to Jesus and I believe that sharing Jesus' love with my readers is the priority.

Lately I've just been burdened because I feel like I can't do anything 100% because I'm stretching myself too thin and burning the candle at both ends.  I'm back to dieting and working out which depletes me at night so there's no late night blogging sessions so the blog gets neglected.  Daytime is consumed by work and my son so it's a very delicate balance and juggling act and I feel like too many balls have been dropped.  I am working on Sponsor Love posts for early next week and the Aloha Hop goes live tomorrow.  This week's hop has no co-hosts with Sarah and I as May has 5 weeks and the last week is a "break" for me as far as coding and co-hosts go.  June 7th will launch the June team of the Aloha Friday Blog Hop and I may be stepping away from it at least as a main host for awhile.  I am not sure exactly how it will work out and I'll still be sharing it on my site and doing the mass email but it will no longer be something that is "mine".

I am so proud of the Aloha Friday Blog hop, how much it's grown and how many wonderful ladies and blogs I've found because of it. I will continue to interact and love on everyone that participates but as a host, it's a lot of stress and time and I can't afford much of either it seems. I'm wrestling with issues not only with the blog but with my own personal life and walk with God and not having time to do anything right.  I apologize to any of you that are let down or upset with me for stepping back and doing this but it's something I need to do.

To those of you in the June team, don't worry, you're still co-hosts!!  I am transferring all the emails and the lists to a new email: so that Sarah can easily access it all.  If you're interested in co-hosting with Sarah, shoot us an email there.  Please keep in mind that the Aloha Hop is a really time consuming enterprise and that she's going to need someone willing to do the work, network and be a partner with her through it all. Sarah is one of the most amazing bloggers I know and I'm so honored to know her and to have spent the last 6 months having her as my co-host.  If she will have me, I will still be hosting in some way shape or form to help network, spread the word and email everyone but my part in it is going to be far diminished.

My blog will still be up but I really just want to post things I have a passion for and lately I feel like it's all business, no fun, all work, little about what I love.  Time for a shift in focus as I step back and let a new team bring a fresh face to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop.  Thank you all for being a part of the growth, the love and the Aloha.  My focus has to shift to Jesus, my son and my day job.  I can no longer burn the candle at both ends every day, it's just too much for me.  My blog will still be here and I'll be regularly writing on it but it will be shifted in many ways.  I want to love blogging again instead of dread it. As a result of me stepping back from the Aloha Hop, I've reduced the prices of my ads in half permanently.

Love you all.  Thank you so much for understanding.



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