Meet the best Buddy in the world...

11:29 PM

This is my chihuahua, Buddy.  He is a teacup chihuahua from Australia originally, relocated to Hawai'i after born.  He is the best pal, confidant, ego booster and guard dog ever.   I had large dogs my entire life growing up and after they passed, I decided to get a smaller dog.  Enter Buddy, sitting ever so innocently in his little display at the pet store.  He was cheaper than normal because at the time, his skull wasn't completely fused together (something common in teacup chihuahuas) so I took the little guy home.  He weighed a robust 2 lbs at the time and warmed up and became one of the most dynamic members of our family.

Here are his stats:

AGE:  Almost 3 years old (his birthday is on May 5th).
WEIGHT:  3.5 - 4 lbs
HOBBIES:  Playing with his toys, sitting on laps, howling, chewing on bones, running through the grass, barking at dogs, going "bye bye" with me whenever I leave the house, and most importantly....chewing on my son's old socks.

He is my cutie and since he's always around when I'm photographing, I thought I'd include him in my posts and officially introduce him to the blog.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

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