Step into Spring!

2:08 AM

I am very fortunate to live in Hawai'i where there aren't really any discernible seasons to speak of, just different variations of tropical  weather .  It varies from  to  to  to ...not necessarily in that order...and though I'm thankful, I'd be lying if I didn't wish I could play in the snow or photograph the amber leaves of fall.  Living in a warm climate has its advantages and disadvantages.  Totally veering off topic, today I was pondering the Spring season and what the change and time of year usually means to most people.

Every time I watched the news this past winter, there were reports about how the weather has been so cold that it's breaking records.  Wearing all the necessary layers of clothes and coats to stay warm must be so cumbersome and when spring arrives, people all over the world shed those layers and lighten up their wardrobes.  I've also noticed how many people have a definite mood lift when spring arrives.  Perhaps it's because the gloomy and dark days of winter are behind them and the warmer and more colorful seasons are ahead?

Even in Hawai'i, there is a definite change of pace and mood when the month of March begins because the weather becomes less rainy and more hot and sunny.  Do you think that it's just because of the weather change?  Perhaps it's not just the budding flowers on trees and the smell of green grass that puts people in a better mood, but just the knowledge that the holidays are behind you and the easy going summer season is just a few months away.

Regardless for the reason, it's nice to see people lightening up their wardrobes and their moods for this season.  *wink wink*  I feel like I've neglected my blog so much and I've decided to revamp it a bit.  Hope you like!


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