Wordless Wednesday....old school Jean

11:18 PM

I came across random old pictures of me as a child. I thought I'd share. Considering I remember every single one of these moments (except for the first picture when I was a baby) is something I'm proud of. Can't believe I'm 30 already. I swear it wasn't that long ago that I was posing for my mom to take these pics!!

Wow I look super Asian here!! I was about 8 months here with my older 1st cousins Kalama (holding me ) and Keola.  Just a little info about me..I'm very mixed ethnicities.  My dad is Hawaiian, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese and my  mom is French, Irish and Native American (Lakota).
Me and my little brother Peter on Santa's lap in 1984.  I hated Santa that year.  Check out my brother's sidecomb!! Haha he looks so much like his daughter!
Playing games with my little brother.  This was an awesome day. :) 

Being a ham in my Easter hat.  I think this was 1986.
This is me around 6 years old.  That face of mischief was because I accidentally ripped my picture.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen this look on my son's face!!
Gosh I was such a ham!
Me and my brother circa 1989.  I don't remember why I was having a brat attack that day.  Maybe it's because I cut my brother's bangs so my mom went and chopped mine to teach me a lesson ?  haha

Little brother Peter and I with my mom.  Love her 80s earrings! LOL 

My bro and I on a plane to Seattle.  He had just finished having a fit over the flight attendant seating him all alone 5 rows away so they traded his seat for the one next to mine.  He was always really good at getting his way! 

Me before a hula competition when I was super into hula as a kid.

Me and my cousin/bff Kai!! Love this pic of us. :) 

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