Diet update and obscure iPhone photo

12:39 PM

Yes, a blurry iPhone photo of my fat but thinning face.  This diet is hard.  Not gonna lie.  I made it a full 14 days with absolutely no food but on the 15th night I had a salad with my friend and a few bites of raw fish.  Both were delicious and so yummy.  I found that my stomach must have shrunk while I was fasting because I could only finish half my salad and I was full.  Normally I could eat the entire salad, the entire plate of poke (pronounced poh-keh [Hawai'ian for raw fish]), and help her finish her plate of fish & chips.  I like that I'm not so hungry anymore.

The crab "louey" salad I had.  I only ate a quarter of the crab and gave my friend the rest. Only finished half the salad.

Had a few bites of this yummy ahi (yellowfin tuna) raw fish with spicy sauce. Yum.

Anyway, I went back to juicing the next day but allowed myself some celery and hummus yesterday.  I think I'm going to go back on the full fast tomorrow because I want to get closer to my goals weight wise and since I got the "ok" from my doctor, why not.  It's really been life changing and great for my weight and health.  Juicing for every meal isn't easy but I feel  like I have to finish up the rest of the 60 days of my juice fast.  Have you taken any steps to get healthy?  I'm working on a few different posts, a review and answering comments tonight so I'd love to hear what you have to say or any tips you may have!! 


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