On Juicing, Slipping, Exercising and Time Management...

1:17 PM

Oh man, what a crazy few weeks it has been for me.  I honestly never thought life would turn so drastically because I changed my diet and exercise routine.  After all, I've dieted tons of times before and I'm no stranger to working out although I hadn't done so in several months.  Here are some photos from my iPhone that I recently posted on Instagram. Love that site...

So for my juicing update, it's been almost a month since I started my juice fast and in the last week or so...I slipped.  Yeah. I made it about 18 days with absolutely no food.  But man, I was hungry and I was out with my mom and niece and I didn't have my usual juice for lunch because of a work meeting so when my mom bought a veggie plate from Starbucks with hummus....I gave in.  Yeah. It was delicious and super healthy and a very small portion but I slipped.

Since then (about 6 days ago), I've been eating super small bits here and there.  It's about the equivalent of one small meal and one snack a day.  I know, you're probably thinking.... um Jean...that's not even a lot of food, seriously... but when I make goals (I made a 30-60 day juice fast goal), I like to keep on track and not veer from it.  So it looks like I'm going to be restarting my juice fast tomorrow (giving myself one more day of a small healthy meal).  I want to at least wrap up another month of my juice fast.  I think my cheating also had to do with the dreaded PMS monster

In the last month, my health has done a complete 180.  My hair isn't having as much fallout, my skin is clearing up, my time of the month is back on track (yeah, I know...TMI but it's a big deal for me), I've gone down 2 pant sizes, I've lost a total of 23 lbs, my eyes are brighter and I sleep more every night than I had in years.  Not gonna lie, the adjustment hasn't been all perfect and easy.  In fact, my bloggy life and web presence has suffered at the hands of this new diet and workout schedule because I get tired around 9-10 pm and I go to bed and wake up early to work out (most mornings)...  I used to do almost all of my writing on this little blog of mine at night and my networking and my researching and all that jazz.... So now I have to compensate by slipping in a few moments here and there during my "day job" to catch up...  Not the easiest task since the day job has been super busy as well.

I am literally going the entire 17-18 hours a day that I'm awake.  I have little to no "down" time because the day job and being a full time single mom to an energetic and growing 11 year old boy takes up any spare second I have.  I'm not complaining, I'm blessed on both fronts, it's just a tricky transition.

So it's back to juicing for the next 30-42 days (so I complete my 60 day goal) and then I take on a vegetarian diet.  I couldn't do a full vegan diet.  I love fish and being a vegetarian allows for lean fish and lean chicken but I think I'm going to forego the chicken and just allow myself fish for my non plant based protein.  Red meat and eggs are like walking death for me because I love eating them so much and doing so wreaked absolute havoc on my health so the doctor agrees with me that red meat and eggs are to be avoided (at least for me)...  Oh man, will I miss them.

So in addition to the juice fast, I started working out 3 weeks ago.  I walk/jog about 4 miles in the evening and every other night I do high intensity training videos (varies between P90x, videos on YT like Bodyrock.TV and ZuzkaLight), and then on days I don't do the HIIT, I wake up at 4:30 am and go to the gym and jog or do eliptical for about an hour and then do some weights and abs.  Total overhaul.  I want to lose weight and tighten everything up.  It took a long time to get as big as I've gotten and it's gonna take a lot of time and hard work to undo the damage I've done.

I'm both excited and apprehensive about the new change once the full juice fast is over.  I have to research some healthy and yummy vegetarian recipes.  If any of you have some that you like, please do share!!  The fact that Lent is almost here is kind of kismet because I am going to use my juice fast as a way to give up what I have loved for so long and been addicted to...food.  I'm going to use the time that I have, especially when cravings for food come on to pray and focus on how blessed I am and how thankful I am.

It's kind of like spring cleaning for my life!!  Oooh...on that topic...I need to do some home spring cleaning.  Thinking of having a garage sale.  I have a lot to get rid of.  A mother's work is never done!!  Sorry I'm all over the place these days.  To be honest, the juicing is taking over my life in so many ways but I'm kind of sick and tired of talking about it.  I miss the other content on my site.   I miss the beauty and the product reviews and photography.  Don't worry though...I have quite a few reviews and posts in the works and tons and tons of photos to edit and post.  Stay tuned.  Happy Thursday!!  Time to work on the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! Last week with my January sponsors!!


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