Exhaustion, Catching Up and Goals

5:43 PM

Sometimes I feel like this truck stuck in the mud. Gotta push myself to achieve my goals. 

So for those of you don't know, I've been on a juice fast since Sunday and it hasn't been the easiest experience of my life.  I was utterly exhausted and had the worst headache I've had in years.  (Think hangover of your life x 2!)  The smell of food made me want to cry and watching my son eat the things I miss so dearly was harder than I can say.  Days 1-3 were the worst of it, they were the days I absolutely didn't think I could continue on my juicing fast and that I should give it up and quit.  I decided to go to sleep instead of pig out on the oh so yummy spaghetti I made my son the night before and sheesh, I'm so glad I did.  On day 4 I woke up energized and ready to go.  It was like I drank four cups of coffee but without the jitters, no mood swings, no head aches, no pains.  It was wonderful.  I have to tell ya, it's day 5 now and I got the all clear from my doctor to go up to 60 days on this juice fast as long as I get blood tests every couple of weeks to make sure my levels are all healthy so I'm thinking this might be doable for me.  I know it seems extreme but it took a lot of years of extremely bad eating and no exercising to get me here and it's going to take rather extreme measures to get me back to normal.  I haven't been in a single digit dress size since middle school and I'm so ready to change that!

Extreme as it may be, I wasn't prepared for the exhaustion days 1-3 presented me with and I am so far behind on everything that I used to do at night like blogging, answering emails, following people and all of that.  I used to do most of my blogging at night and prepare ahead of time but the last few nights I got so tired so early that I ended up going to bed.  Normally I'm up into the wee hours of the morning doing my blog work so it's definitely an adjustment and I know I need more rest than I normally get so I have to figure out a balance.  So if you are awaiting a response to an email, a contest, a follow, or anything else, I'm so very sorry and I am literally working on all of that right this second to get back to all of you!!  Another superdy duper not-so-fun thing was having my email server crash on me for two days so I wasn't getting any email.  Frustrating! Thank goodness it's back online!

I'm about 9 lbs down from where I started on Sunday so it's worth it.  Thank you all for being so kind and understanding while I go through this adjustment period.  I hope all of you are having a lovely week!


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