Happy Mother's Day!

5:52 AM

In celebration of Mother's Day and my epic lack of sleep, I decided to post these photos I took a couple of weeks ago during sunset at Ala Moana Beach.  The light was perfect and it was such a beautiful sunset.  How lucky are we to live in a world with so much beauty?

I wanted to write something heartfelt and sentimental but I'm so exhausted right now from being up until almost 6 am fixing my blog that I can't form any cohesive and thoughtful sentences.

I wish all you mothers out there the happiest of mother's days.  My son saved my life in so many ways.  He loves me unconditionally and brings a light and joy to my life that I never thought existed before.  I can't believe my boy is 10 already!!  Time flies.

I wish you all the best on this special day.  Spend lots of quality time with your loved ones and give your kiddos hugs and kisses, even if they think they're too "big" and "cool" for kisses.


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