Super Moon

3:25 AM

I must confess that I was rather underwhelmed with this "super moon" hype.  I've seen bigger and more colorful moons than the one I saw tonight.  I suppose it's because I live in Hawai'i and the "peak" time was during the early evening where there was so much daylight out, I couldn't see the  super moon in all it's colorful glory.  I also didn't drive around looking for it so I guess it's my fault!  :)

From my back yard there was a really nice view of this moon.  It was bright and beautiful to be sure but not much bigger than normal full moons I've seen. The night sky was lit with the cool tones of blue and gray emitted from the moon.  Even as I write this at nearly 1 am there is moonlight pouring into my bedroom window.  Did any of you see the super moon in all its glory?  Did you take pictures?!  I would love to find out if you guys saw it when it was at it's peak.  I took a few pictures to share.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Have any of you checked out my photography website?  If you have a chance, stop by.  There are some pretty photos to behold!!

Here's the link:

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