8:32 AM

My son Alaka'i is 10 years old and right now he's really into "shufflin'".  I don't let him watch much tv but apparently his classmates at school do this dance and even though he doesn't know the song, he's determined to learn the dance.  He's so cute.  He asked me the other day to take pictures of him while he showed me his shufflin' and I agreed.  He also got some new Converse sneakers and he wanted me to take photos of them too, "just because".   I love my boy so I couldn't deny his request.

He was really excited about getting these shoes.  Ever since he watched The Sandlot with me, he's wanted the "PF Flyers" aka Converse All Star shoes.  I ordered a few pairs when they had an awesome sale on their website and surprised him after school.  Needless to say, he was really happy.

Oh and these are his shoes.  He wanted me to specifically put a picture of the shoes alone so "everyone could see how awesome they are".

Gotta love my silly guy.  He's the light of my life.  After we did our little shufflin' photo sesh, he was asking me about why I have told him since he was a baby that he had chocolate brown eyes.  Naturally, I took a photo to show him.  This specific photo was his favorite because I enhanced the shadows and made the light harsh.  I like that he has layers of brown in his eyes.  It's something I never noticed before but a great camera and a bright flash shows everything!!

Can you believe it's Thursday already?!  Not complaining but the week just flew by for me.  Working a lot tends to do that though!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week.

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