Throwback Thursday

12:00 AM

It's Thursday and I'm exhausted from a grueling and long day yesterday to why not post old pictures of me from way back in the day?  :o)

When I was little, there were a few things I loved other than my parents and my brother:  glitter, Barbies, dolls, toys, Rainbow Brite, and princesses.  I was obsessed with pink and purple and even had my mom paint my room bright Easter egg purple.  It actually was a pretty shade and even now my love for purple remains as my room is a very pale shade of lavender.

 As I look at these old photos I can remember the moments that they were taken for pretty much every single photo.  Not that impressive since I have a photographic memory but nonetheless, the memories are fond ones.  I think the only photos I don't remember taking are the ones where I'm a baby with my parents and with my great grandmother (obviously I couldn't remember being a baby!! haha).

I hope you all have made it over the mid-week hump in one piece and are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.  My son's last day of 4th grade is today and he is so excited as am I to get his summer vacation started!!

These photos captured wonderful days and moments in my life and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy sharing them.  Share your old photos with me!!! Write a post and link it to me in the comments below!  I'd love to see your old Throwback Thursday photos!!

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Me, my Dad and my Mom.  I think I was about 8 months here. 
My brother Peter and I at Disneyland

My parents with my brother Peter and me.  Love my brother's knee high socks! haha

Me and my cousin/BFF Kai!  We were having a sleepover and had our hair in rag curls

Halloween 1987  JEM!!  

Bro and me at the beach.  That was a fun day!!

My brother Peter was obsessed with the movie La Bamba. He used to take that toy guitar everywhere and play like he was Richie.  So cheesy and funny. He's going to be so mad at me for sharing that!! bwahaha.  This is a late night music fun sesh with my dad after he came home from work.  

Kai and I at the beach. 

80s Barbies, my Little Ponies, Rainbow Brite and Smurfs!!  Love my old toys!!

Christmas morning 1990.  Super excited!

I was Aurora for Halloween with our neighbors Nicole and Aaron and my brother the dinosaur.  Note all the sequins and glitter.  Yes, it was an addiction to sparkle! 
Me and my daddy.  Best dad ever. 
Me and my Halmoni (Korean for Grandmother).  She's actually my great grandmother on my dad's side but since my grandma died when she was young (only 38), Halmoni was my grandma. Love her so much RIP.

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