All Wrapped Up?

12:29 AM

Christmas came by quick this year didn't it?  The last 10 years of Christmases have been super busy and hectic for me because my son's birthday is on December 23rd.  I have to juggle his birthday and Christmas and boy is it exhausting at times!!!  He's turning the big 1-0 this year so I am planning something special.  

While I was going through my secret Christmas hiding place (that locks so no one can peek) and realized that I haven't started wrapping presents yet!!  Am I the only one who is (not necessarily by choice) waiting until the last minute to wrap presents?!   I have a few more days to get a jump start on wrapping but it's somewhat overwhelming because of the birthday.  I could make lots of cute and smart plans to wrap and get it going so I'm not stuck at the last minute but knowing myself and my schedule, I'll probably be pulling my hair out on Christmas Eve trying to cram major present wrapping in just one night.  

Have you wrapped all your presents already?  Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?  I'm not!!    Nothing like waiting till the last minute! Heh. 

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