8:48 PM

The day back to work and "the real world" after a nice Christmas break is something I generally dread.  I wish I could spend all my time with my son and my extended family.  Being a single mother is hard work.  Well actually, being a mother is hard work, whether you're single or not.  I think that being a single mother is just more lonely.  Blah....

We had a wonderful Christmas here.  Alaka'i and my nieces thoroughly enjoyed opening their presents and playing with them.  I on the other hand, was so tired from a night of completing wrapping everyone's presents that I was in a haze all day.  I felt bad for my son during the afternoon after my nieces went home with my brother and his wife because he wanted me to build an erector set with him that he had gotten as a present and I simply didn't have the energy.  That's the kind of thing that my ex used to do with him all the time.  Poor guy.  It's ok though, I made up for it after I had a good night of rest!

Going to work while my son's on vacation is especially hard for me because I know he wishes he could do more exciting things than just play with toys at grandma's or do workbook exercises to keep him sharp for school.  Today seemed like a Monday from hell even though it's actually Tuesday.  I was just bombarded with work and on top of it all, the prospect of sending my son to private school came up because public school just isn't providing him with a quality education.

The school in our district is more concerned with rushing curriculum to try to get kids to do better on standardized testing than they are with making sure the students actually comprehend and retain that information.  It's sad when you see teachers forsaking their students because the teacher's union wants to push something or because the teacher is just generally lazy or given a class much to large for them to properly teach.  I think private school is the way to go because the one I'm specifically looking at teaches not only a full and extensive curriculum but it also teaches the values that I believe personally.  I hope that they can take him mid term although I doubt it.  Either way, I have to gear up for sending him there next year.  Must. Save. Money!!!  I'm lucky that it's even an option to be quite honest, because many people don't have the means or opportunity to even consider sending their child to private school.

Do you ever wish you could just escape for a day?  Not escape your family but escape the stresses of life?  I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world but on work weeks, I scarcely get a chance to take in a sunset or appreciate the vast beauty God has provided around me.  I wrote earlier this week about stopping and taking notice. I think that was more a reminder to myself than anything else because the truth of the matter is that I don't do it often enough.

Let's escape together for just a second.  Imagine you're laying back in the partial shade, the sun's warmth touching your skin as a cool breeze blows your hair across your brow.  You can hear the waves slowly moving and splashing as the water and sand collide.  It's so peaceful, warm and welcoming.  Then just picture a handsome waiter bringing you a nice tall drink of your choice.  It doesn't matter if it's a glass of ice tea or a cocktail, just picture yourself sipping it as it cools your throat and you just relax and bask in perfect peace, warm and safe.

Ahhh... it was nice to take a break.  Now back to real life!! :P

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