A decade to remember.

11:29 PM

Exactly 10 years ago to the minute, I gave birth to my son Alaka'i.  I had been in labor for 3 days (went in at 5 am on December 21st & gave birth at 11:29 pm Hawaii Standard Time on December 23, 2001).  He is the greatest blessing God ever gave me and I'm so lucky to be his mommy.  It's a fun and exciting journey watching him transition from a precious baby into a growing young man.  Hopefully there will be many, many more birthdays to come that we can celebrate together!

We had a very fun but low key birthday celebration today.  We went to Chuck E Cheese for a few hours and let him and his cousins play every game imaginable and then we came home and had cake and ice cream and presents!!

Even though it's difficult to throw a big party so close to Christmas because so many of his friends are on trips and busy with holiday plans, I still try to make his birthdays memorable and filled with fun and presents.  I knew so many people who had birthdays close to Christmas who were lucky to get 1 gift on their birthday (if that) so I really make an effort to make sure he has at least a few presents so that he doesn't feel like his birthday and Christmas are combined.  He's not one to complain about things like that though.  He's the light of my life and I love him so much.  

I know when he gets older if he comes across this and reads it, he'll probably be a tad bit embarrassed but also a tad bit proud.  Alaka'i, you are an amazing son and I hope and pray that all of your dreams come true and that you live a long, happy and healthy life.  You deserve the best, my boy and I never want you to stop striving for your dreams.  I love you so much.  



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