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I first discovered Bamboo Sky when it used to be on Kapi'olani Avenue.  It was a small, quaint boutique which has since moved and expanded, now located in both the Ward area and Waikiki as well as an online shop {shop.bamboosky.com}.  The owner Tiffany (who also has a blog: TiffHeartFashion) is the type of woman who was born with fashion sense.  She's smart and savvy and great at what she does.  I've never seen anyone leave Bamboo Sky dissatisfied with what they bought.  

Without further ado, here's my quick and sweet review of Bamboo Sky followed by a blurb and some info about their stores and locations.

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5.0 star rating
 1/13/2011 8 Check-ins Here

I love this boutique.  When I used to have a web magazine and was first starting out, the owner Tiffany loaned me the cutest clothes and accessories and she was so nice and helpful.  

That alone made me love this boutique.  The clothes range from affordable to a little more pricey but everything in there is chic.

I LOVE the jewelry display and the brands they carry.  Ginger13 is my fave and I love the name necklaces that you can get customized for you for a VERY good price might I add!

I've never been talked down to or treated badly by any of the girls that work there and the owner Tiffany is not only hands on, but she's so stylish and helpful, it makes you WANT to shop here.

If you're ever in the area, you HAVE to check them out.  I know they opened a location in Waikiki as well though I haven't been there yet.

Nothing bad to say about this boutique!  It's the best on the island.
Bamboo Sky is a small Hawaii-based, locally owned, clothing boutique with two retail shops and an online store. We specialize in offering a unique collection of contemporary women’s fashion, accessories and jewelry with top selling brands and trends that can be seen on today’s hottest celebrities and international fashionistas.

Established in 2006 by a young and ambitious girlfriend/boyfriend duo the co-owners combined their diverse backgrounds (Tiffany a designer/dancer and Shane an entrepreneur/surfer) with their mutual love of fashion, nature, arts, business and Hawaii to open the first quaint Bamboo Sky boutique. 

The first store excited shoppers with exclusive brands, unique finds, individual customer service and great value.  Bamboo Sky quickly gained popularity with Honolulu and international savvy, elite shoppers and was featured in over a dozen international fashion magazines. Demand drove the success of this cute little shop and not much after a year they out grew the original location. 

Though Bamboo Sky was courted and pursued by Malls and Shopping centers as prospects for a new location, Tiffany and Shane thought best to remain a truly independent boutique (personalized service is something we strive for) and found a great location near the Ward shopping area right in the heart of Honolulu but a little off the beaten path. The new and improved Bamboo Sky boutique has been home since April 2007. This 1100 square foot space has proven to be a vital part of our growth and success. The added space allowed us to expand our lines, carry more variety, and offer new accessories like a special collection of shoes and custom made jewelry. We could now truly dress our customers from head to toe.

We don’t advertise too much, it’s expensive and we try to keep our prices affordable. But we have super loyal customers and they do a great job with word of mouth for us. We often hear, “I’m so glad I found you, I wish I could keep you guys a secret but my friends will love it here too”. Our staff is fun, energetic and eager to please, if not a bit silly. With groovy beats filling the air you may just walk in on a Bamboo Sky dance off or possibly make a new friend.

We offer something for everyone and we travel frequently on buying trips. Tiffany’s buying eye is what makes shopping at Bamboo Sky a one-of-a-kind experience. She is inspired by her travels, animals, family, decade fashion, street style, vintage shopping and photography.  Along with sweet dresses, fun rompers, sexy denim and comfy tops, Tiffany has also offered limited finds like funky leggings straight from the streets of Harajuku and vintage silk scarves hand-picked from Los Angeles’ thrift fairs. 

Fast forward a couple successful years. Tiffany and Shane are married and with the love and support of great customers and an incredible staff the pair decided to branch into Waikiki in the summer of 2009. The Bamboo Sky Kaiulani Avenue shop is just two blocks from the beautiful beach and we see a steady flow of new customers, residents and visitors alike.  We now have tons of happy shoppers from Hawaii, California, NY, Japan, Korea, UK, Australia, Canada and more enjoying our amazing brands and styles. 

We welcome you to visit us at our two retail locations or browse through our shopping website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. It is our goal to make your Bamboo Sky experience a pleasant one and we are dedicated to giving you whatever your heart desires. Thanks for checking us out. Happy shopping!!!!

Ward store – 401 Kamakee Street # 104 Honolulu, Hawaii 96814  (808)591-8003
Waikiki store – 159 Kaiulani Avenue #109 Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 (808)924-6633
Email – contact@bamboosky.com

They ship to other states as well so you should definitely check out their web store.  I hope you guys like this Jean On Yelp feature.  I'm trying to figure out new ways to create as much quality content as possible and I know this feature has a few more quirks I need to work out but I'm liking it so far, the marriage between my blog and one of my favorite apps.

Have a happy and stylish day!


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