Why Clients Should Never Get All The Photos From a Shoot

8:57 AM

I meant to write about this a few days ago but I got caught up in work and other posts.  Anyhow, as a photographer, clients often ask me why they can't get all the photos from their shoot.  It's actually been awhile since I shot people because I've been so busy with the "day job" and all of that but when I do the occasional family, wedding or event shoot I often get asked why they don't get all the photos. 

Hey, I understand why they'd ask that...photo shoots aren't cheap but there are really good reasons why you don't get all the photos from the shoot.  No human being, not even the gorgeous Beyonce, can look perfect 100% of the time.  Crazy, unflattering looks can happen to anyone and sometimes it goes unnoticed by spectators because it happens in a split second and is over but when you have a photographer with a fast continuous shutter speed, they catch everything.... and it 'aint always pretty!! 

So to any of you who have a wedding or a family shoot or a modeling shoot for a portfolio or ad campaign and wonder.... hey why don't I get all the photos from my shoot?  This is the reason.  I know Beyonce and her publicist wish these photos weren't out there.  I even read somewhere that they were trying to have the unflattering photos removed.  Don't sweat it Bey, you're gorgeous.

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