Trend Spotting: Black & Whites in Contrast

1:26 AM

I know I don't do many fashion/style posts... That has more to do with the fact that I forget or the fact that looking at clothes is sometimes a bummer because so many of my favorite brands don't do "plus sized" clothing.  Whether you're reading a magazine, shopping or playing on Pinterest, I'm sure that you have noticed there's a growing trend of pairing contrasting colors together in patterns and prints.  Lately, the trend seems to be with super brights and black and whites.

I'm not the hugest fan of prints because they tend to make me look bigger than I am.  Anyone can pull this trend off if they get something that is cut right for their specific body shape and fits them properly.  Also consider that the larger the print/stripe, the larger you'll look.  If you're plus sized like I am, going for smaller stripes and prints is the way to go.

I spent a little bit on Polyvore tonight while I was designing a document for my "day job" and got carried away looking at all the beautifully striped, patterned and printed black and white items.  So much to choose from!!  You don't have to go for all these items though these were my faves of the night.  I wish I could pull off an utterly geometric striped dress like the one pictured above but even if I could fit it, it's not cut right for my shape.

Are you like me and think, ahh.. this trend won't work for me?  Well you're wrong!  You can take one item with any trend (even this one) and mix it with your every day staples and give new life to your wardrobe!!  The possibilities are really endless.   I would probably go for the shirt and the cuff from Forever 21.  Perhaps the shirt but with a smaller stripe that has the stripes more closely spaced together.  I'm actually the kind of person who leans towards getting trendy accessories because they're easier to pull off and (most of the time) less expensive.  Really lovin' the Ray Bans and the mustache coffee mug.

What are your favorite trends for this season?  I'm going to be trying to do at least 1 fashion/style post a week.  Let me know what you want to see!!

Until then, may you have the loveliest of Tuesdays.


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