The Little Things...

12:41 PM

Have you ever noticed how fast the days fly by with each passing year?  How many moments and seconds of wonder pass us by because we're consumed by the hustle and bustle of every day life?  How many little things have you overlooked or missed while you were busy living life?  I know I've missed quite a few moments and opportunities that would add great depth and joy to my life if I took the time to pay attention.  Between motherhood, the "day job" and my new fresh start on eating right and getting in shape, I miss more moments of quiet reflection than I ever have before.  No more long nights on the computer working and blogging, no...  Juicing and working out requires I actually get a decent night of sleep every night so I'm trying to find the balance with the blog and the day life and everything else.  Not as easy as you may think.   

The other day I was out in my yard cleaning up and working in the garden and I noticed this little sprout of white delicate flowers coming out of a patch of overgrown grass near my patio.  The flowers themselves aren't larger than a small pea but I loved how the vibrant and white flowers looked juxtaposed to the wild, green grass growing below.  It's been rather rainy here in Hawai'i these last few weeks which is awesome for our islands and the foliage.  Today is a beautiful and sunny day and I've decided to spending it soaking up as much quality time with my son Alaka'i as I can.  I miss far too many of the little things as it is and I don't want to wake up one day and realize he's grown up and I've missed out.  

Take the time today to spend with those you love, to cherish even the littlest of things.  These tiny white flowers bloomed amidst some not so cute, overgrown grass and taking a quick snap with my iPhone gave me an unexpected feeling of peace and serenity which led me to reflect on how many of the tiny things I miss because I'm not looking and how many of the little moments pass me by because I'm busy. 

I hope you all are having the loveliest of Saturdays and that you enjoy all the moments in life, big and small. 

Every day is a gift.  


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