J.O.Y. Reviews: Lanikai Juice

12:07 AM

This is going to be quite a wonderful review for me to write because it's been awhile since I've been this happy with any store or restaurant.  Firstly, Hawai'i needs more juice bars.  If we had a Lanikai juice in Hawai'i Kai, I'd be here every single day.  Like every. single. day.  As it is now, I'm traveling into Kahala in traffic sometimes when I don't need to just so I can get a Da Green juice.

In a world where GMO's are rampant and in everything and Organic is increasingly hard to come by, Lanikai Juice does it right and keeps the juice pure.
I go here for the juice because I'm on a juice fast right now and sometimes I don't feel like busting out my juice machine so this is a quick and easy way to get my fix and get it for relatively cheap.  Before my juice fast, I was getting the Green Goddess and the Spirulina smoothie (forgot the official name).  They also have wheatgrass and tons of other items/juices.  I really also love the acai bowls.  Fresh, full of awesome and delicious.  Their supplements (unlike the competitors), are actually good for you and don't taste like a  yucky vitamin.

I like that my son and I can eat here and juice here and not worry about what GMO or chemical we may be ingesting.  The other place is full of junk and we never go there anymore.

The only downside is that there are not enough Lanikai juices or other juice bars like them on the island!!  Open more stores people!! If they had one in Hawaii Kai or Ala Moana Shopping Center, they'd make $$$  because there is no juice bar in Ala Moana (I looked).  There is a place for decent but way overpriced acai bowls near Nordstrom but if Lanikai Juice opened, they'd make money hand over fist.

If you're skeptical or looking for a pure, good, wholesome juice bar, check out Lanikai Juice. You will be so HAPPY you did!

There are two Lanikai Juices on O'ahu.  The one I reviewed is located in Kahala and there is another location in Lanikai (Kailua) on the island of O'ahu.  Here are the Yelp pages for each.

If you're ever on the island of O'ahu, go check out Lanikai Juice!

*Disclaimer:  I was not paid to review this store/shop/office and I was also not paid to or asked to put any reviews from Yelp on my website.  I just simply love using Yelp and I do so often and find it very helpful so I wanted to share. 

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