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Hello again, What Jean Likes readers! It's Lauren of Fizz & Frosting here again, this time bringing you the perfect lazy work outfit that's comfy and only looks like you put a lot of work into it! There are days that I just phone it in. (I'm not alone in this right?!) With all of the busyness with the holidays, my office seems perpetually half-empty! On these kind of days I feel no need to dress to impress, but I still have a "business casual" dress code to adhere to. So what's a girl to do? Step one: start with a super-comfy top like this Old Navy popover. It's ridiculously soft and cuddle-worthy. Plus it's a bit blousy. Now feel free to overindulge in Christmas cookies, chocolates and treats that your co-workers have left all around the office.
  easy work outfit

Next, add comfortable bottom of choice. Sure, I claim to be a pants to work convert, but let's be completely honest. A pencil skirt will always be my first choice. And these bright tights from Express? Suprisingly comfortable and soft! (Itchy tights are simply not allowed on lazy days.)

  comfortable work outfit

Step three: add some cute black booties because they look awesome with colored tights. Take a few photos in them and realize they hardly qualify as lazy shoes. Switch to flats. (And yes, this actually happened.) Step four: throw your hair up in a top knot, but not because it looks chic. A quick and easy updo is necessary when you're too lazy to wash your hair.

  easy business work wear women

Lastly, throw on a scarf. Now you can pretend like your cuddled up under a blanket all day. What's your idea of a lazy but work-appropriate outfit?

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