Bullying: Alaka'i's Story...

10:17 AM

As a parent, you never want your children to suffer or hurt. I was editing the usual vlog footage last night and saw a clip Alaka'i had taken while I was doing something with Arielle and he was talking about how he gets bullied every day. I watched and my heart broke. I know he had been bullied in the past and I had no idea that he was still being bullied at school. Some of the bullying he experiences is from kids who say they are "Christians". Proof that anyone can say they're anything but it means nothing if you don't LIVE it! I didn't want to share it but when I spoke with Alaka'i, he INSISTED that I put it in our vlogs because he felt led to share it which is why he recorded himself. He said that "if anyone else is feeling alone or bullied, I want them to know they're not alone".

Instead of including this in our "normal" daily vlogs, I made this a standalone vlog because THIS is what vlogging is REALLY about... sharing the HARDSHIPS and the pain, even when it's not easy to do so. Please watch, LIKE and SHARE! Leave Alaka'i a comment on the video to encourage him and let's all STAND UP TO THE BULLIES OF THE WORLD! 

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