Nair His Beard Off?

2:38 AM

So, am I the only chick out there that is not a big fan of the pokey facial hair? I am just not a fan of a beard on my man. Other men.. well they can rock beards all they want but I like the smooth feel of a shaved manly face to kiss up to. That's just my preference. Anyway, should I Nair Andrew's facial hair off since he doesn't want to shave it? ;) It's a funny video. I worked out. Nuff said! LOL.

Getting back into the health and weight loss groove is TOUGH after baby. Especially because I'm still breast feeding and I need a certain amount of calories for baby. Dieting doesn't suffice because I'm always hungry. Sigh.... so it's working out, cutting carbs down and cutting calories. Increasing healthy fats like nuts and veggies and lean proteins. It's not fun or easy, but it is so worth it!! Day 2 of my weight loss journey and I'm exhausted. I'll get more into it in a post I have scheduled for later today!

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