Happy Memorial Day!

2:49 AM

Never forget the sacrifices made for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day! So many men and women go out into the world and fight to protect our freedoms that we take for granted. Many die while in the pursuit of peace and freedom. My humble thanks and appreciation to all those who are serving, who have served, who died serving in the armed forces and to their families who bravely support them all while praying for a safe return home. As the grand daughter of a World War II veteran whose ship was crashed into by a kamikaze jet and the wife of a man who served in the US Air Force for nearly a decade, I humbly thank all of you who are serving and willing to serve in the US Armed Forces. Those individuals who sacrifice their freedoms to protect ours. heart emoticon
Thank you all for your service and sacrifice. God Bless the USA and all the men and women who serve! 

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