Flashback: The Honeymoon

2:57 PM

I have fallen off the face of the earth. The last 7 months has been consumed with precious time cuddling my little baby girl and soaking in all the moments and memories and with my day job that I've been able to convert to doing at home, I had so little time to devote to my website or photography.  Now I finally feel like I've achieved some sort of balance, am able to more efficiently juggle the balls of my life, and can confidently dive back into the ocean of the blogosphere which I so dearly missed.

I sat at my computer last night and perused all of the folders of photographs I've taken in the last year or more and couldn't figure out where to start so I decided to take a leap back in time to January 5, 2014 and the staycation honeymoon my husband Andrew and I went on. It was a literal dream. Come with me.... Let's hear the ocean waves roll in and hit the sandy shores while the cool tradewind breeze caresses our faces. Let's go. This post is photo heavy, but so worth it. If you want to see our hotel room or the beautiful oceans, sunrise and sunset of the North Shore, keep reading!

Here's a taste of what lies beyond the "Read More" button.

My father and mother surprised Andrew and I with a 4 day stay at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of O'ahu. We live on the island of O'ahu so it was a staycation for us. I mean honestly, what need would I have to fly away to a tropical destination when I already am blessed enough to live in one? Turtle Bay was wonderful. They did so wonderful many renovations from when I had been there last as a child. It was beautiful and completely renovated and redecorated. We were there in the midst of all of the big surf competitions, so there were quite a few reporters and professional surfers staying at the hotel as well which was just an added bonus.

I love the way they redecorated the lobby area with the lounge. Simple elegance.


We stayed in one of the gorgeous "The Collectionpremier rooms at the resort on the 6th floor. It was above and beyond any hotel room I have ever stayed in. Everything was luxurious, modern and beach chic. It was heavenly. Take a virtual walk with me as we enter our huge and luxurious room!

The entry way had a little table where we could eat even though we actually used it to work on our laptops. Look at how huge the room was. There was a lounging area with chairs and a couch that also had a pull out bed and a big TV. The room was even bigger in person, honestly, the photos don't do it justice. 

I love this bed. The next time we go and stay there, I am going to find out what kind of king size bed it is and buy it when we move out of where we're living right now. It was big, comfortable and the mattress kept us cool without losing warmth. The decor is so beachy and chic, isn't it? 

It all led to a lanai that overlooked the epic waves of the North Shore. More photos of that below. 

I loved the bathroom so much. It's such a nice change from the small bathroom we have at home. It was big, beautiful and had a wonderful tub and a H U G E shower. 
I was going to resize the photos of the tub and shower but they deserved a full sized photo.  That was the best bathing and showering experience of my life. If I had the money, I would build a shower just like this at my home.

And now... the view from our deck, the real gem of this suite. The waves were pounding the shore below, there was a nice, cool onshore breeze and the mist from the waves below gently caressed our faces while we stood up there. In the morning when we woke up and got coffee, we were treated to a spectacularly hazy, colorful sunrise.

The moon was still out and the sunrise created a gradient of purples and blue in the horizon as the dusk faded into dawn. It was something I've never seen before. 

After the sun rose, the vibrant pops of blue from the sky and the sea below were a wonder to behold. All of these photos were taken from our balcony.

And then the sun set and the sky transformed into an array of colors that transformed to deep blues, purples and gold as the sun faded below the horizon in the distance. The sunset photos were taken at the beach as my husband and I sat and just watched the sun as it seemed to tuck itself into the ocean at the distance as if it were going to bed.

I love looking at these photos from these wonderful days of solitude and peace that my husband and I had together before conceiving Arielle. How truly blessed we are to have shared these moments, to have photos to reflect on, and to know that even in the midst of the chaos in the world, peace and beauty still exists all around us. From my family to yours, I wish you all a wonderful week, filled with many peaceful sunsets and glowing sunrises.

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