How Cute Am I?

1:14 PM

Arielle fancies herself a big girl, even though she's only 7 months old, she thinks she's a big girl like her cousins and her brother. She watches them running around and playing and wishes she could join them. Such is life as an infant. Although she's crawling (mostly) and able to do a lot of big girl baby things, she is still too little to get out there in the muck with her cousins and brother. Soon baby girl, all too soon you will be joining them and running around. Seriously, it feels like she's growing up so quickly that the time just flies by!  She is 7 months old already and wearing size 12-18 months because well, she's a big baby and big for her age...  I get excited with the new milestones she's experiencing, getting her first two teeth is the most recent of milestones but with every new milestone is a bittersweet feeling of knowing that my baby girl will all too soon be running around, then going to school... and it goes by in a blink. Alaka'i is 13 years old. That FLEW by for me. I can still remember the way his fat cheeks felt when he cuddled up close to me as a baby, the way his sweet baby sweat smelled after he napped, the way I'd hold him when he cried after he fell. Now my little baby boy is a little man, looking towards growing up and going through puberty and all the changes that are part of that process.  It flies by in a blink. Take your time babies!!

My Arielle really enjoys any little perks we give her where she feels like a big girl. Andrew got new headphones for listening to videos on his laptop and she wanted desperately to try them for herself so he unplugged the cable that connects to the headphones to let her try them on. She absolutely loved it. She smiled and let me take pictures. She's such a dolly. I asked her "who's a big girl now?, say it Ari, It's me mama!" and she laughed and smiled. It truly was a precious moment that I will remember forever. I wrote it in her baby book last night to preserve that memory in time for her even though when she's old enough to read it, she will have long since forgotten that moment at 7 months old.

If you have children, hold them close and cuddle tight. Breathe them in and enjoy all the precious moments, the smiles, the seconds of peace and the adventures to come because all to soon, those moments will pass and your baby will grow up into a teenager and then into an adult and you'll yearn for those sweet moments burned into your memory. Being a parent is a true gift. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with two sweet babies whom I love so much!

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