Happy Birthday To The Best Boy I Know...

10:21 AM

E L E V E N.... yeah.... eleven years ago today at 11:29 PM, the greatest gift from God I've ever gotten came into this world after 3 long days of agonizing labor.  Alaka'i, my son, my inspiration, my love was born a half hour before Christmas eve, a whopping 10 lb 4.8 oz 25 in long little boy came into my life and changed it forever.  There is not a day that goes by that this boy doesn't bring me joy and love.  He truly is a gift from God, the perfect Christmas gift that I get to enjoy 365 days a year.  My smart, sweet, talented, strong, and amazing boy has always been a giving soul and even now, inspires me with his kindness and generosity towards others.

As I go off to church this morning to celebrate the birth of Jesus and then go to a little party to celebrate the birth of my son Alaka'i, I just wanted to make a short and sweet little post to my little man.  Once so small is now so tall that he is catching up to me and soon will surpass me and be looking down at me from above.  Take care, my love.  I am so thankful and happy and honored to have you as a son.

Hau`oli lā hānau Me ka aloha pumehana,  (that means "Happy Birthday with all my love and warm regards" in Hawaiian)


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