Just Peachy and A Little Style Inspiration

1:52 AM

Just Peachy

Just Peachy The Look For Less

Miss Selfridge baby doll dress

Nude platform heels
$40 - newlook.com

Bakers clutch

Forever 21 drop earrings

So I am bored and up and was playing on Pinterest a lot getting some amazing inspiration for cooking, crafting and style.  I love Pinterest so much, it's such a wealth of great ideas and photos.  So many of you lovely bloggers I read create truly amazing things and pin it.  Actually, I found myself pinning a ton of items from several of the blogs I now follow as I was following everyone back from last week's Aloha Friday Blog Hop.  I wish I had the talent for creativity that you guys have.  I always get so inspired and I try a few crafts that I see and it usually ends up as a fail.

Anyhow, I decided to go to another one of my favorite sites that starts with a "P"- Polyvore- to make a board and browse around.  I haven't done a style or fashion post in what seems like forever.  Truth be told, I absolutely HATE taking photos of myself.  I think the web would be much better off without photos of me on it haha.  There's a reason I'm behind the camera taking photos!!  I miss the fashion/style aspect of posting though.  I used to run a fashion/style/beauty blog/web magazine back several years ago and then I got my current "day job" which pays my bills and provides me with financial security so I had to leave the blog/web magazine behind because I didn't have the time.  Le sigh...

So yeah... back to the board....

Lately I've been really into creamy colored dresses and shirts and when I saw the Alice + Olivia dress and decided to make a peachy inspired board.  For the record, most of the items here are things that are way overpriced and something I never could own..but still, isn't it pretty?  I could never pull off head to toe peach though but I thought all the items were so lovely I had to share.  I was going to put in a cute leather jacket to rough the look up a little and give it some edge but I decided to keep it girly and delicate.  I made a "Look For Less" option as well and to be honest, I rather like dare I say prefer some of the more affordable items!

I know quite a few lovely gals who would put this ensemble on and make it look completely effortlessly chic and cool.  I wish I had the talent or the body to pull off such a look.  I think head to toe peach would make my plus size frame look much larger than it already is though.  Time to get back to the gym! (More on that later)... You know what though?  I'm not all that stylish in person.... I often opt for comfortable tshirt and shorts for my day-to-day wear when I'm not working.  Rather boring.  I'm more of a makeup junkie than a fashion junkie although I do keep up on the trends and indulge in some cute items here and there.  My favorites lately have been Jeffrey Campbell shoes....blew a little too much of my "mad" money on a few pairs of JC shoes but I worked so hard, I wanted to reward myself.  But yeah... excuse my ramblings.

Want some effortlessly chic style inspiration?  Check out one of my favorite Hawaii style blogs, Tiff Heart Fashion.  Tiffany is so effortlessly cool and her boutiques carry some ahhh mayyyzing cute items.  She has an online shop too you can check out called Bamboo Sky {Link Here}.

So many of the blogs I follow have such amazing style though.  I think I'm going to make a list and share it one of these days because there are quite a few talented and chic ladies in my blogger feed!!

I hope you all have the loveliest of weekends and a wonderful New Years.


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