Holiday Hangover...

2:27 AM

Am I the only one going through headaches after over eating sugary treats during Christmas?  Oh, the agony...  It hasn't seemed to affect my son Alaka'i or my nieces much... although... they were quite rowdy yesterday after all the sweets they consumed from Alaka'i's birthday and Christmas.

It's been a crazy, fun couple of days here in our home though... I didn't take many photos because I was so busy prepping for the birthday and for Christmas.  I literally stayed up 24 hours straight wrapping everything and putting together all of the bikes for the kids and a Disney car I bought my nieces to drive around in.  Perhaps that contributed to my "holiday hangover" more than anything else.  I was lucky enough to catch some sleep after the morning presents were all opened and boy oh boy did I need it!!

I miss the days where I had an endless supply of energy like my silly son and nieces do.  Up and down the run and fall and recover so quickly.  Meanwhile, merely watching them play seems exhausting to me! haha.  

Here are some photos from Alaka'i's birthday celebration at home.  He got to spend the day at Dave & Buster's with some friends playing games but we had a quiet family night at home with cake and ice cream.  What a wonderful day.  My boy is growing up before my eyes so quickly I can barely keep up!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! 


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