Explosions at Boston Marathon... Please pray for all those involved!

10:11 AM

*Update as of 10:39 am Hawaii Standard time, there were 3 explosions, the police discovered two other possible bomb devices and the police are confirming it was a bombing.  

I just read the news that there were 2 explosions at the Boston Marathon.  This just troubled my heart so much. I urge you to pray for all those involved.  As of 10 am HST, there are 2 casualties and at least 23 were injured.  I have great love for the city of Boston and tons of wonderful memories there... Why would anyone do such a thing?  There is no clear answer as to who did it, why they did it or how they did it.  All we know is there are a lot of people injured and multiple casualties.  According to several news sources, these were small explosions but in spaces that had a lot of people.

Marathon officials are speculating that these explosions were caused by bombs though the police have yet to confirm.

My thoughts and prayers to those injured and killed and their families.  Such needless violence.  Just breaks my heart. Sitting here with a heavy heart and a baffled mind.

via Hawaii News Now:

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

(RNN) - Two explosions happened near the finish line of the Boston Marathon at about 2:45 p.m. ET Monday, nearly three hours after the first of the event's winners crossed.
The Boston Globe reported on Twitter that police planned a controlled explosion near the area where the first two took place, and they are using K-9s in a search. Officials said they were finding "secondary devices" in the area and pleading with people to go home, according to one Globe reporter.
Jackie Bruno, a reporter for New England Cable News, tweeted there were "horrific" injuries at the site of the blast, including people with limbs missing.
Spectators for the race, held annually on Patriots Day, were rushed to medical tents for treatment following the blasts. CNN reported four people have been taken to the emergency room at Massachusetts General Hospital and at least six were injured.
WBZ reported one of the explosions happened near the viewing stands on Boylston Street, and there were multiple injured people. Smoke could be seen rising feet from the marked finish line.
Reuters stated via Twitter a spokesman for the marathon said the headquarters have been locked down. A CNN producer reported members of the crowd were injured when a pair of explosions happened, and medics are on the scene giving assistance.
Josh Cox, the U.S. 50K record holder, tweeted for people not to go near the finish line after explosions along with a picture from near the scene. The Lenox Hotel, located a block from the site, has also been evacuated.
via ABC News:
3:55 pm ET: Police set off controlled explosion in Boston. Third explosion hear.
3:54 pm ET: Marathon’s website tracking runners who completed the race, here
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3:43 pm ET:  Trauma nurse tells ABC News that the race’s medical tent has become a makeshift morgue. Dealing with injuries including severed limbs and children with severe burns.
3:41 pm ET: Eyewitness Hayden Cary describes a “hectic, crazy scene.” Heard explosion go off within seconds of each other near a car, steps from finish line.
3:34 pm ET: Police bomb squads sweep area looking for suspicious packages.
3:29 pm ET: Massachusetts General Hospital confirms at least 4 injured taken there.
3:25 pm  ET:  Police warning people in area to avoid trash cans.
3:15 pm ET:  Boston Police Department says two explosions on Boyleston street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Police,  fire and bomb squad responding. The number of injuries is unknown. The cause is unknown.
The two explosions took place around 3pm,  within second of each other. The first runners in the marathon crossed the finish line around noon.
abc boston marathon initial kb 130415 wblog LIVE UPDATES: Boston Marathon Explosion

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