Wandering Minds With The Best of Intentions...

9:12 PM

Today was a busy but good day.  It was the kind of day where although I was swamped with loads of paperwork, the burden didn't seem so heavy and despite the vog, I had an overwhelming sense of peace and hope.  I had an implicit understanding of the days objectives and goals without my boss uttering a word.  I set off with my tired brain set on focus and I was ready to get my job done.  It was almost like being a computer automatically running tasks in the background.

A couple of cups of black coffee and a pile of paperwork deep and I was feeling good.  It didn't matter that I had only 3 hours of low quality sleep, it didn't matter that I had a load of paperwork yet to complete... I decided to use the break time I had before lunch to do some blogging work even though I normally use that time to catch up on "day job" work or to work ahead so I have more open time in the afternoon and evenings... That was my first mistake.  I took my mind off of the day job autopilot and into a whole 'nother world full of wandering and wondering...little of it work related.

Honestly, I'm normally able to simultaneously multitask my "day job" duties while working on the blog with little hassle and great ease.  Normally multitasking in such a way is not such a noteworthy event.  Today, however, I found myself blogging more than I normally do at the office- so much so that it spilled into my lunch hour.  Good thing I had already  made fresh juice to have in lieu of lunch (partial juice fast reset)...

I'm normally able to spit out engineering reports, proposals, budgets and the like in quick succession and have it ready for my boss and on his desk before he expects it.  I pride myself in being super efficient at work.  Not so efficient today.  Perhaps it was the exhaustion, perhaps it was the fact that I was so very inspired by so many of the blogs that were showing up in my bloglovin' dashboard that I kind of blew off finishing my reports and invoicing budgets and my mind began to wander.  It wandered all over the place.  I started making lists for things I didn't need but wanted to get because I decided I wanted to start crafting even though I have no talent for it.  I decided at that moment that I wanted to start making jewelry again which is something I loved doing but haven't done in years.  Then I got inspired by all the decorating ideas people were blogging and decided I wanted to purchase blank canvases and make patterns and paint them to use as wall decor to brighten up my home.

That mind of mine wandered all throughout space and time, everywhere and anywhere except to work. The phone then rang and BAM! back to reality.  I looked at the clock and saw that I had all too many day job tasks yet to complete and got back on that train and started to work...and work and work.... As I worked, as I typed, as I crunched numbers and reviewed engineering reports, the wandering thoughts began to creep back into my mind.  It went a little somethin' like this:
Total project budget: $23,000 quarterly... and teal would perfectly accent the decor in the room....*focus Jean*.... budget set, approved and filed.  Obtain copy of records from... I wonder if I would have time to do some baking when I get home... Print file and plans, put on boss' desk..  Ask the assistant to please get copies of the client files from the cabinet..and oh, I wonder where she got her nails done? ....
It was that kind of day.  I tried and worked and accomplished but it took twice as long because my tired yet busy mind wandered...and wondered and wandered some more.  I'm just thankful none of my reports accidentally mentioned any of the thoughts wandering through my mind.  At one point I found myself typing the sig "Jean @ WhatJeanLikes"... woops!! ...back space..back space.. back space....  I truly intended to get all of my work done, I truly did.  Although I got most of it done, I could have done more if I could just stop that wandering mind of mine...

Even now as I type this and listen to a compliation of Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven... my mind wanders to topics unrelated to blogging and lists for work that I need to get done tomorrow.  Isn't that just how it is sometimes?  When you need to focus on work, the mind... she wanders... and then when you have to focus on other things... the mind... she wanders to work related and stressful topics.  I'm so happy tomorrow is Wednesday.  I love the fact that it's mid-week and the slump of the early week blues seems but a distant memory and the hope for the weekend seems all the more close.

Happy mid-week, hump day, Wednesday to you all!!

Hopefully the rest of the week will have less wandering and more focus... doubtful!


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