J.O.Y. Reviews: Island Brew Coffeehouse

9:55 AM

I love coffee, anyone who follows me on Instagram knows my love for coffee and espresso runs deep, deep I tell ya!!  I honestly must say, without coffee in the morning, I would be a literal walking zombie unable to complete my work and function normally.  It's natural considering I don't get nearly enough sleep which is something I'm working on, but I digress.  This is about coffee and how much I love it and this literal gem of  a place tucked away in Hawai'i Kai, less than a mile away from my home.  I must confess, I don't go here as much as I wish I could but if you're ever in the area, you must check this place out!!

It's located right on the water, overlooking the marina.  Indoors is a real beautiful, clean, and beachy themed decor with wood floors that gives an overwhelming sense of relaxation. It's a quiet and relaxing scene both inside and out.  They have a nice seating area overlooking the water where you can feel the ocean breeze run through your hair ever so gently as the sun caresses your skin.  If the decor and location wasn't enough to entice you to check this coffee house out, you have to try the coffee.  It's an always delicious, never burnt heaven on earth kind of taste that soothes as you drink and gives you a burst of energy when you need it.

Here's some info about Island Brew Coffeehouse:
Island Brew Coffeehouse is a local coffee shop in Hawai'i Kai independently owned by four East O'ahu residents serving premium coffee and healthy food choices with a focus on fresh, local and organic products. Island Brew Coffeehouse uses organic Milk in all our espresso drinks and coffee beverages and offers organic rice, almond, cocounut and soy as alternatives. Along with the espresso drinks and shakes, Island Brew Coffeehouse also offers Acai bowls and smoothies.

Breakfast offerings are served all day and include freshly baked pastry, locally baked bagels, waffles, breakfast bagel and croissant sandwiches. The lunch menu at Island Brew Coffeehouse includes made to order oven roasted sandwiches made with Naked Cow Dairy butter in a variety of bread, meat and cheese combinations as well as flat-bread pizzas.

Enjoy a variety of Hawaii grown, Fair Trade and Shade Grown coffees from around the world – including Jamaica, Sumatra, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Kenya on a table with amazing waterfront views of the marina .  Island Brew Coffeehouse is partnering with local schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations to promote community service and environmental sustainability. Island Brew Coffeehouse allows guest the option of ceramic mugs and glassware or compostable cups made from corn. 

I mean, just reading that, how could you not like this place?  Here are some quick pictures that I took with my iPhone while waiting for my lavender latte on Saturday.

Clean and simple decor with bay windows that open to overlook the marina. 

This is the outside eating area that extends out to the marina.  Clean, perfect and oh so comfortable! 

Below are pictures of the main menu board.  They have more items on small black boards on the counter.  You can click on the pictures to see them full sized in a new window so you can read them if you want! 


Someday, hopefully sooner than later, I will take my "real" camera out and take a few minutes to sit and enjoy some espresso and some of their treats and take pictures for you guys. I'm always on the go so much lately, I don't have much time to sit back and relax. 

Happy Monday! 


All photos taken with iPhone5 © 2013 What Jean Likes Photography

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