Up and Coming... whaaaat?

8:13 AM

I'm so stinkin' excited right now because I was browsing around Bloglovin' following back all you lovelies who followed me, thank you.. and I came across this page where it shows the Up and Coming blogs... and mine was #1 in Photography!!  So stoked.  I know I'm far off from #1 in the Top Blogs category and will probably never get there, but it's pretty exciting to see my blog as #1 in the Up and Comings!!

Thank you all for getting me there.. Hey, are you following me on Bloglovin'? I am still learning and navigating Bloglovin' and it's not bad (even though I refuse to give up on Google Friend Connect).  Thank goodness for email notifications about people following me because those help me to follow everyone back.  I don't care for the way Bloglovin' makes it hard to follow people back unless you keep track of all the people following you via email.

Anywhoo... come on over and check out Bloglovin' if you haven't yet!!  I promise, I will follow you if you follow me! *wink wink* .  Here's my page: What Jean Likes on Bloglovin' 

Leave a comment with your Bloglovin' url so I can follow back!! Let's share some Bloglovin' lovin' shall we?

Aloha and thank you all so much for making my day,

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