Lunch Break With Alohilani..

9:30 AM

Oh the unmitigated joy of spending these precious moments with the littles in my life...  Whether it's with my son Alaka'i or my nieces Alohilani and Kaliko, I treasure the quality time I get to spend with each of them.  Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of spending my lunch hour with the youngest little in my life, my niece/Goddaughter Alohilani.  While the two older littles were at school studying away, I got to watch my niece for an hour or so while my sister-in-law ran errands in preparation for their upcoming move to another part of the island.

I had a lot of meetings lined up in the early morning that I had finished with early so I was able to make extra time to spend with her.  One of the few perks of my "day job" is that although I have bosses, I pretty much run my own schedule and can make concessions and changes as needed during the work day.  So I went home and met Alohi who was waiting ever so patiently for me outside the front door with her mommy.  As I walked her into the house, I asked this precious 2 1/2 year old girl what she wanted to eat or do and she said, "bath time"!  So naturally, I obliged.  This girl loves bath time, like loves it.  She chose to be bathed in my large kitchen sink because she's still a petite little and likes to be able to look out and see everything.

Bubbles were blown, water was splashed and she had a great time.  It's funny how even when you're having a bad day, a child can completely turn that day around.  She lit my world with sunshine that I dearly needed as I was stuck in a pensive sort of grumpy haze.

I'm so thankful to have had that hour or so with my darling Aloha yesterday.  My darling little protege.

I hope you all are having a good week and are able to spend time with the ones you love most.


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