Toddler Selfies

9:52 AM

My niece Alohilani got her hands on my phone the other day while she was at the house.  She's a rather smart nearly 3 year old. She figured out how to get my camera app open and took a ton of photos of herself eating organic dark chocolate almonds that I gave her while I was working on business figures for a couple minutes as she watched Shirley Temple on my other computer in my office.

I knew she was playing with my phone but didn't notice the photos until I was looking through my phone album today.  I love discovering those unexpected, accidental selfies that kids take.  These are some of my faves.  She's my darling girl, that one.  You have no idea.  She's like a little mini-me with some Filipino blood thrown in from her mama.  She has my feet and my spicy personality.  Seeing the unmitigated joy in her face gives me the most overwhelming sense of satisfaction.


Oh she's such a ham, that girl!! She and her sister Kaliko are the best girls I know and give me that much needed girl time that I don't get with my son Alaka'i.  Though he and I do have fun together, I can't tell you how much I love to do my niece's hair, play Barbies and buy them cutesy ruffled clothes.  

Here's to the little things and the little ones in life that brighten up our day!! Regardless of what it is, whether it's a thing, a pet, a child, a relatives child or your own- the moments with those you love are precious indeed!


All photos taken with iPhone5 © 2013 What Jean Likes Photography (by Alohilani)

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