The Blog Love Giveaway!! I'm co-hosting with these lovely ladies!

9:53 PM

Hello there my lovely readers and fellow bloggers!
Today I, along with some other bloggers I will soon introduce you to, are kicking off a giveaway for a gift card at most all of our favorite hot spots... Target. Seriously though, Target is just wonderful, and you are sure to get something you didn't plan on getting with every trip. Well we are going to alleviate some of that for you and give you $50 to blow at the place! Now you may be wondering why we are having this giveaway... or maybe you're not. But this little giveaway is just a giveaway to spread some bloggy love. Show appreciation to you our readers and celebrate our blogging community. 
So, come and join us! And spread the LOVE!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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