Monday Bytes Reworked

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It has been almost a year since my last Monday Bytes feature... Scary how quickly time flies by isn't it?  Well for those of you who weren't around last May or before, Monday Bytes is basically just a feature where I share my favorite posts/videos of the last week or so with all of my lovely readers.  I have to get back into the groove with this feature because it's been so long so forgive me if it's not as sweet and simple as Monday Bytes' past... I just want to share all the things that inspired me this week with all of you.
Pixiwoo Makeup Tutorial: Rachel Weisz - Oz the Great and Powerful

I was so blessed this Sunday when Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages visited our church and was the guest speaker.  I learned so much from his teaching and downloaded two of his books Sunday morning.

The first book I purchased was one he spoke from today called The Family You've Always Wanted: Five Ways You Can Make It Happen.  I literally sat and immersed myself in this book and took notes while my son was working on his homework corrections.  It was that good.  There's no such thing as a perfect family and I know I have so much work and learning to do as a mother so I try my best to really pour myself into motherhood and take great advice to heart and try my best to effectively implement it in my life.

The second book was The 5 Love Languages of Children which I have yet to read but am really looking forward to doing so in my off time tomorrow night.  I think it's so important to have insight into how children think, respond and act so that we as parents can bring out the best in our children and ourselves.  Parenting is literally the hardest yet most rewarding job out there and I want to do it right.. Never hurts to keep learning from those wiser and more experienced than I...

Oh yeah... one last thing...

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