Easter Egg Decorating With The Littles...

7:00 AM

I spent my Good Friday night coloring Easter eggs with my son Alaka'i and my oldest niece Kaliko.  Little Alohilani was asleep so she missed out on the coloring fun, but she's more into mess making than creating...  Needless to say, the eldest two were rather pleased that they could create and color without a huge mess or wild Alohi dipping her hands in the dye and touching their faces like she did last year.

It was a fun, laid back and mellow night in our little home.  My mom was gracious enough to set all the decorating fun up for the kids so I could take legit photos which is a wonderful change for me since all I've been using to shoot lately is my iPhone.  I missed the weight and feel of a sturdy DSLR in my hands.

The kids had a blast. They drew, colored and let all their creative juices flow.  It's more fun for me actually, that the littlest niece was asleep because I could just snap photos and watch the two big littles just work and think and create eggs that are uniquely their own.

I think it's safe to say both Alaka'i and Kaliko had a great time coloring their Easter eggs!  Their favorite part was coloring on the eggs before dipping them ever so gently in the dye and seeing what their drawing turned into after the dye had made it magically appear.

Oh and Kaliko and her glitter... that girl loves glitter with a passion!!  Glitter does make everything better after all!!  So post-coloring and pre-clean up, Kaliko enlisted my help in getting some of her eggs glittered up and beautified.  Gotta love her!

Did you do any pre-Easter activities with your littles or loved ones? I was thinking of baking with Alaka'i although I don't know if that will actually end up happening as the hectic-ness of life will most likely take over later today.

Happy egg dying, sparkle sprinkling, Easter decorating to all of you!  Legit Easter post coming Sunday.  Have a blessed weekend!


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