My Scent Obsession...

10:00 AM

Growing up, I always loved the smell of my mother's perfume as it wafted through the air.  Some of the warmest, most comforting memories of my childhood are those of sitting in my mom's room watching her put her perfume on as she got ready.  It's funny how a scent can trigger and strengthen a memory or emotion.  I suppose that's why I grew to love perfume and essential oils, they evoke such warm memories and emotions within me.  Isn't that just how life is though?  An endless series of moments, emotions and memories weaved together like an intricate basket?

Over the years, I've grown rather fond of perfumes and thus have acquired a collection of favorites that have changed as the years have gone by.  Lately I've been really loving vanilla and rose scented perfume and I'm kind of obsessed with Jo Malone fragrances because you can mix them in so many different ways with other perfumes by the brand or others to create your very own, unique scent.

To be honest, I have so many favorites that it's difficult to choose.  Some days I'll wear my "usual" which is a mixture of the Lavanilla Pure Vanilla, Jo Malone Rose Water and Red Roses.  Sometimes I opt for the vanilla with a patchouli which is a spicy scent that makes me feel bold and lovely.  Other days I opt for something more flowery and fresh like tuberose or gardenia... it just depends on my mood and like most women, my mood changes quite frequently.

When one of my followers on Instagram requested I share some quick pictures of my perfume collection when they saw a glimpse of it in the background of a photo, I thought why not share.  Are any of you scent obsessed like me? What are some of your favorites?  I'm always on the lookout for new perfumes, new classics to add to my collection.

Hope you're having a lovely day.


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