A Sick Boy and a Silly Dog...

11:02 AM

Well, my Alaka'i got the flu that we've been fighting for awhile. Everyone we know and love has it or had it and boy did my son fight it valiantly.  Sadly, it got him...my poor little guy....who's not so little anymore.  What a way to start your Spring Vacation weekend?  He had a fever so it was a day of rest, hydration, nutrients and sleep.

It's so hard to watch your baby, no matter how big they've gotten, get sick.  Poor boy just fell asleep on the couch during movie time.  He slept through most of the day... he needed the rest though.

While he slept, my chihuahua Buddy decided to be adorable and actually not run away when I pulled out my iPhone to take quick snaps of him.  He's giving me that oh, come on...not again look as he sat on our window sill by my son's baby cactus. Buddy gave in though, smiling, licking, glancing out the window pensively.

Buddy is such a soulful little chihuahua.  I was shocked he even did his smile.  Then he yawned and went back to being a dog but I love the adorableness that I was able to capture with the iPhone.  Love that little doggie.

Buddy is kind of obsessed with my son's little cactus. He sits at the window sill all the time next to it.  Maybe it makes him feel like he's big for once...

Look at that face!! He was just basking in the sunlight and looked at me and tilted his head back and smiled like this for about 10 seconds.  Then he stopped, licked, yawned and decided he was done being cute. 

Oh the little blessings in my life.  I'm so thankful to God for every moment of life, especially those with my son, my nieces and Buddy the Chihuahua.

Had some fun with my fave iPhone apps and Buddy's Photos.  You can pin my photos clicking the "Pin It" button on the bottom left of the post. My old blog design never had that option and people always asked about it...

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