A Weekend With The Littles....

9:26 AM

My son and I had a fun filled weekend with my nieces Alohilani and Kaliko.  Those two spicy girls are kind of wild but all adorable.  We love having fun with them.  My son's an only child so he really looks forward to any and all quality time he can get with his cousins.

We had a lot of fun and they ate really well when they were with us.  My son is kind of adjusted to my newfound vegetarianism although I still allow him to eat organic beef and lamb and I still eat chicken and fish on occasion (which is allowed for vegetarians but not vegans).

I made them eggs in a frame (quick fried organic egg in a piece of bread that I made a hole in).  My son Alaka'i helped me cut up fresh strawberries and place them and some rasberries and blackberries on a plate.  This particular plate was Alaka'is.  He's getting so big and so has his appetite.  He starts basketball camp today because he's on his spring break from school.  Excited!

It looked so delicious.  My nieces are much like their grandma (they love eggs in a frame) and gobbled it up!!  I had my juice and I gave them all small glasses of it. Alaka'i is finally used to my juicing so he doesn't get all grossed out when I hand him a glass of green.  My nieces still need time to get used to it although the eldest (Kaliko) is really savvy, she knows how to make my day. She drank her entire juice and said with a loud, bellowing voice, "YUUUUM".  Won me over.

Last week was hectic and nightmarish. I worked so much and I was up until the wee hours of the morning editing photos and blogging.  I'm up now at 3:23 am finishing up some posts for the week and working on the Aloha Friday Blog Hop code and giveaway for next week to get out to my co-hosts on Tuesday.. I think that I'll finish the coding after work later because I need some sleep!!

As you can see, I had a lot of tea and coffee going on last week.  Redesigning a blog design (which I just finished, do you like?) and editing pictures takes a lot of coffee and tea to get through!! See my old blog layout in the background of the coffee pic?  So glad the blog is all updated and the design is done!!  So far I'm getting faster loading times so winning!

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Whats some of your favorite food that you cook for your littles? 

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