Tip Tuesday: Best Photo Apps for iPhone

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Unfortunately, I don't spend enough time using my DSLR's and doing "professional" photography work because my day job has me otherwise preoccupied.  Between being a single parent and the day job, I find that I have very little time to pull out my DSLR, get it ready and lug it around.  Thankfully, technology has made taking photos a breeze by installing cameras into smart phones.  I have to say that the one in my iPhone is not too shabby.  I've heard wonderful things about the cameras in some Android and Window phones and I'm not sure if the apps I'm going to list below are available for those services but this is about the apps I find most useful for me...

I'm always snapping photos on my iPhone whether it's of my son & nieces, food, flowers, sunsets, beaches or clothes...I feel like I'm always pulling out my iPhone to snap a pic or two or twenty.  If you didn't know already, I'm addicted to Instagram and am always on it. Come follow me @WhatJeanLikes.

Over the last year or so, there are apps I find that I use more often than others and I thought, why  not share my favorite Photo apps on the iPhone for Tip Tuesday?

Camera:  Other than the built-in camera, there are a few that I rather like shooting with
  • Camera! Awesome -All time favorite camera app created by SmugMug. LOVE it.
  • Camera + -Created by photog Lisa Bettany, this app is amazing for snapping lovely shots. 
Photo Editing
  • PicTapGo -  Paid app from Totally Rad! Well worth the $2
  • PS Express - Photoshop on the go.  Basic features & free!
  • VSCO Cam - Quick editing, minimal work, lots of options
  • Afterglow- Lots of filters, endless editing & beautiful frames. Super easy to use. 
  • Image Blender- Take two or more of your favorite photos and blend them together for an artsy feel.
  • Mirrorgram - Makes boring pics into reflective works of art!
  • Pixlr-o-matic- So many filters & additional options, MUST HAVE
  • PicFrame- Super easy way to create photo collage on your phone!
  • ColorSplash- Making images B&W and colorizing specific items to draw attention. 
These are apps I've acquired over a year or more so.  They're all great tools to have in your iPhoneography arsenal!! 

I hope this post is able to help those of you who are looking for good photo editing apps on your phone!!  I know quite a few of these are available on Android and Windows network as well so check your app store!! 

Happy Tuesday!

Do any of you have some Tuesday Tips you'd like to share? 


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